Blogging. How … quaint? For a while now I have been wanting to share some thoughts and ideas, and I think a blog fits me best. Here’s a summary of how I got here, again.

I did go social cold turkey a few months ago. It was just bringing me down, and stressing me out. The only healthy interactions I was having was in the Huzzah X-Wing Messenger Group. I didn’t want to give up that group, but that was the baby that went out with the bath water. This was fine, I felt better, but I hadn’t really given up FB. Miriam was still there, and if I needed something posted to a freecycle group, she’d do it for me. If someone shared important family news, she passed it on. I hadn’t quit social media, I outsourced it.

So, I’m back on FB. Checking with the X-Wing group, skimming to see what people are up to, emoting on posts that tickle the brain just so. I haven’t posted anything, aside from a dumb joke to the Make Me Smart Podcast Group. I suspect my postings will be limited to freecycling, emoting, and posting links to this here blog.

Posting to social media feels performative. I rarely feel that my comments on someone’s post are going to add value. I feel similar about any original posts … am I saying anything worth saying?

With a blog, I’m not competing for your attention. I can take as long as I like to develop a thought. And there are no Like Buttons for me to obsess over.

There is also some level of data sovereignty. While the blog is currently hosted on GitHub, it’s my data, and I can move it wherever I want. This is far more idealistic than practical, but it matters to me.

Finally, there are a few writing projetcs I want to tackle, and a blog may be just the right tool for it. One project is a series of short fictions, inspired by favorite songs. The other project is podcast reviews.

But why write at all? Why a blog? I have ideas I want to develop. I want to write better. I want to feel like I am making something. And I want to share it with people!

Thanks for sticking with me this far, and I hope to give you something worth reading.

P.S. If you’d like to comment, you can email me, or react to what ever social media post led you here. I’ll do my best to respond.