• Friday

    Vacation starts … now! Well, nearly so. I’ve turned off all the work-related apps on my phone and powered down the laptop. Tomorrow will be chores and packing the van. Sunday, we’ll make the five-hour drive for a week at the beach. We normally vacation in early July, but that’s not the dice we rolled this year. It’s been a hectic year and summer for us all, so we’re looking forward to a week of fewer commitments.

  • X-Wing Second Edition -43

    Here we are, 43ish days from the release of X-Wing Second Edition. Excited doesn’t begin to describe what’s going on in my head. My son and I have been playing X-Wing for about 18 months now at Huzzah Hobbies. Even though we routinely lose, we do have a lot of fun along the way. My son has a lot of fun building lists, and we both have fun playing games at the store and at home.

  • Hello, iPad


  • Battle Report 2017-01-18

    Last night, took a new squad down to Huzzah for the monthly tournament:

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